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Are fellow Duolingoers going to the Festival "Plötzlich am Meer / Nagle nad morzem" in Poland?

Hello all,

I wanted to go to a festival with a couple of friends this year, and "Plötzlich" has been thrown into the discussion. http://ploetzlich.net

It's in August at the Polish seaside, everybody was saying that it looked really good and that we should hurry with buying the tickets, and since my friends looked enthusiastic I bought one for me. They continued to speak about how good the festival looked for 2 or 3 more weeks, until all tickets were sold out.

I'm not sure what to do now, but if I would know that nice people went there which whom I could meet up, I would go there on my own. This is the only forum I'm somewhat active in, and it has some great people, so I figured I'd ask you directly. :)

So, you go there or do you know somebody that does?

Thanks all!

July 12, 2014


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