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  5. "Nach eil Ruairidh càirdeil?"

"Nach eil Ruairidh càirdeil?"

Translation:Isn't Ruairidh friendly?

February 28, 2020



Isn't Ruairidh Gaelic for Roger/Rodger? It certainly was where I grew up as that was my Grandfather's name.


It's usually rendered as Rory in English, but that's really just a transliteration. We had this discussion on another thread and the mods said that there were several possible English equivalents. Maybe Roger is one?

I just found out yesterday that "Calum" is equivalent to "Malcolm" in English. Which was absolutely news to me. I know a lot of people called Calum and I doubt if any of them would answer to Malcolm any more than I would to Sarah.


I knew about the Calum/Malcolm thing as my son is called Calum! Growing up we had three Rogers in the area, Ruairaidh, Ruairaidh Beag and Ruairaidh Caol so I just always thought it was a direct translation.


Could well be. Maybe one of the mods will come by and confirm.


I have talked to a few folk at home (Isle of Colonsay) and they all agree Ruairidh was the Gaelic for Rodger there.


Hm, sounds like Russian epic founder of czar dynasty, Рюрик, allegedly of either Varangian (Roerich) or West Slavic (Rarogh) origin.


Never did that sound like ruairidh


Isn't Ruairidh a translation for Derek?

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