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Thank you, Latin course volunteers

Thank you for all your efforts. It was a revelation to see how many of the words in Latin have been adopted in English. Of course, I know there were some, but this short course showed me many more than I suspected.

I shall continue on my own to develop better reading skills with Ørberg and a battered copy of Ullman that I picked up on Amazon for $5.

I suspect I would not have hated Ullman's text so many years ago if he used the natural language approach typical of Duolingo.

Now I will go out trying to trick someone into thinking I am smart by dropping a few Latin words and phrases.

February 28, 2020



Thanks! You have motivated me to give the Latin another try. It's very hard to find people who actually know Latin these days, so the volunteers really are a blessing here.


If you would like a nice e-mail list (LISTSERV) for Latin, try The LatinStudy List. There's plenty else besides, but that's a good place to start. And you're right: the Latin course volunteers definitely are a blessing here.

Latin is so cool. You're right to give it another try.


I took a home study course, but never quite completed it. So I took it up again in Duolingo! yes! I am progressing pretty fast. But I also am studying Hindi on Duolingo. But informally studying Sanskrit via various childrens stories when available in english and sanskrit. And also "spoken sanskrit series" video. Go figure, gluton for punishment, yet I am soooo totally enjoying it all! especially latin. I might actually master a second language!


I commend Duolingo for developing the Latin option on this website!


“Now I will go out trying to trick someone into thinking I am smart by dropping a few Latin words and phrases.”Ummm me too! hahaha


yes ! thank you very much all the Latin course volunteers ! I didn't know that I could enjoy Latin... it was so hard at school... Why do they begin with literature ? Thanks again to you. (and yes.. I admit I wish that this tree one day will go further...)


Linguam latinam discere volumus et viridi bubonem laudamus!


Congratulations on finishing the Latin tree, all level 5's!


Lingua Latina vivat!


Thank you guys!!! hope you add more content, Im happy to have the opportunity to learn latin


Congratulations, JayBrodell, on finishing the tree! And I echo the thanks to the contributors and volunteers. Well done! I can't wait for it to come out of Beta.

Timor mortis conturbat me.


Greetings! Are there any more levels? Lessons?

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