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  5. "Chan eil dà mhuc agam."

"Chan eil mhuc agam."

Translation:I do not have two pigs.

February 28, 2020



Why an H with muc?


as explained in the 'tips' section, the numbers 1 and 2 lenite (add a h sound after a consonant) whenever it is possible.

e.g. bàta - boat vs. aon bhàta one boat

These consonants can lenite: p, b, c, g, t, d, m, s, f.

words also lenite in the vocative (when speaking directly to someone)

e.g. caraid - friend vs. a charaid - Oi, friend

1 and 2 also both take the singular form of a noun because Gàidhlig used to have a dual form (for exactly 2 of something) but it merged with the singular.

e.g. aon charaid - one friend and dà charaid - two friends vs. mòran caraidean - many friends. (again, note the lenition)


Now that sounded like mhuc not luch


I translated this as bhuc not mhuc and my answer was accepted


What a coincidence! I don't have two pigs either.

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