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" um gato em cima da árvore."

Translation:There is a cat on the tree.

May 1, 2013



Shouldn't this be "there is a cat on top of the tree" or is that too literal?


On = em cima de / on the top of = no topo de


In my part of the US, cats can be "in" the tree, "on" a branch of the tree, but not "on" the tree (like a Christmas ornament). But "in" wasn't accepted by Duo.


Well, for me, in this context:

Em cima da = on, but meaning on top of
Na [árvore] = on/in the tree (most likely on a branch, but could also mean inside the tree).

I would never say "em cima da árvore" unless I really meant on top of the tree. It'd always be "um gato na árvore".
But looking at Paulenrique's comment, I guess it might be a regional thing o.O


I think another option may be:

  • Há um gato em cima na árvore. =)


I thought it best to say 'up in the tree' but it wasn't accepted...


I agree, "on the tree" sounds a bit unusual in English, I would either say "on top of the tree" or "in the tree."

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