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"Nach e togalach eagalach a th' ann? Tha an t-eagal orm!"

Translation:Isn't it a scary building? I am scared!

February 28, 2020



Only got that right as it was the best way to rearrange the English words...


What's wrong with I feel scared?


They haven't put it in yet. Though they might not since people might want to use a' faireachdainn for 'feel' if you used that and it doesn't work that way. Literally it's 'the fear is on me'.


I REALLY wish the apostrophes were present for positioning.


When we are being given new sentence constructions to learn, you need to give us sentences that make sense as English. You would not normally use the adjective 'scary' to describe a building. You might have said tall or beautiful or old, and it would have been easier to get the construction.

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