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"How are you? Well, thank you."

Translation:Ciamar a tha thu? Tha gu math, tapadh leat.

February 28, 2020



Like in Irish, are there multiple ways to say "How are you"?


Well, "Ciamar a tha thu/sibh?" directly translates as "How are you?" so how else would you say it?

If you mean are there multiple ways to greet people, sure there are. You can do the equivalent of "Hello!" ("Halò!"), or "How's it going?" ("Dè tha dol?") or "Good morning!" ("Madainn mhath!") or things like that.


Sorry, should have asked my question more clearly. From how I understand it, Irish has 3 different ways to ask "How are you?" in the 3 main dialects? Cad e mar ata tu? Conas 'ta tu? Cen chaoi a bhfuil tu? (sorry, don't know how to do accents on this keyboard)

Was just wondering if there are different dialect versions, or everyone says "Ciamar a tha thu?" Thank you for the quick reply!


That one is above my pay grade! You know more than I do about that. And sorry for a simplistic reply to what was obviously a sophisticated question.

I have only heard "Ciamar a tha thu?" personally. It was almost the only Gaelic my father taught me when I was a child, as the language was fading from our family and his own father wasn't fluent (and died when he was only eight). So it's kind of hard-wired for me. But I haven't come across any other form. That's really interesting about Irish. (I'm told the Gaelic dialect my grandfather's family spoke was half way to being Irish.)


What area was your grandfathers family from?


I'm not a native speaker but in my experience Ciamar a tha thu is the one way universal throughout Gaeldom.


You can use ‘Dè mar a tha thu/sibh’ as well

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