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"A sabre bear lives in these woods."

Translation:ngemvam Dab mIl'oD.

February 28, 2020



I'm slightly confused here... when I tried to answer I also added -Daq, but it appears it's not necessary. That makes sense with Dab... but do you never use -Daq with Dab?


Using -Daq with Dab is probably grammatical, but redundant. We've never seen -Daq before Dab.

The Klingon Dictionary tells us that there are a set of words that include a locative sense. You don't need to use *-Daq on the objects of these verbs to get the locative sense, but it's not wrong to do so either, just redundant.

So for instance, you could say either yuQ lughoS Dujmey or yuQDaq lughoS Dujmey for The ships head toward the planet, and both are grammatical, but the latter is redundant and less likely to be used.

Dab is probably one of those words that includes a locative sense — you inhabit a location. If it is, then ngemvamDaq Dab mIl'oD is grammatical, but redundant. But Marc Okrand hasn't confirmed for us that Dab has a locative sense, and he's never used a redundant -Daq on it, so that conclusion is no more than an educated guess.

Best to leave off the -Daq just to be sure you're right.

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