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-=[Bug]=- Broken Duolingo App On iPhone

Hey there, Duolingo team!

I love the new update! I'd like to say thankyou It looks so cool and I love the shop and all but I hate to report that I have a bug:
Yesterday I updated Duolingo to the latest and went into it. After about 5 hours later I was playing Duolingo on my iPhone and suddenly it crashed. So I tried to get back in and it crashed. I tried multiple times and decided to stop running it. So I did that and tried playing it but it crashed after the startup again. After that I restarted the iPhone and tried, but again, it would not let me in. Now I'm playing duolingo on the computer but I decided to report this problem. That's all. It might possibly be a problem with my phone but it may not. If it's the app, I hope you guys can fix it ;)


July 12, 2014



Btw I forgot to mention I'm using a iPhone 3 and iOS 6.1.6


My guess would be that the iPhone 3 does not have enough RAM to run both iOS 6 and Duolingo (on the app store it says it has been optimized for iPhone 5). An app developer should probably comment on that.


I see. Thanks for the info ;)


I am experiencing the same problem on my iPad mini, so it's not a lack of RAM. I am using the current version of iOS 7.


Oh. Then it's not my iPhone that's having the problem

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