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  5. "Where are your pets?"

"Where are your pets?"

Translation:Càite a bheil na peataichean agad?

February 29, 2020



Does "do pheataichean" work?


No. If you look at the notes for "Body 2" they explain about alienable and inalienable possession, but I think really you just have to learn which is which because apparently wives and sons are inalienable but husbands and daughters are alienable!

It seems as if pets are always alienable, so it would have to be na peataichean agad.


Yeah, it shows up when you click on the underlined words to be translated but I intuitively went with the correct version since I don't feel the same way towards pets as I do towards my limbs, wife and family members. My guess is that in the past husbands used to die at sea ("màl na mara"!) and daughters were married off so they both seemed a bit more 'alienable' ... :-[ .. Slàinte


I think there could be some interesting sociodynamics behind some of this. Or else the alienable/inalienable thing is a bit of a retcon explanation.


If you look at the Akerbeltz article on possession, there is this excerpt:

Beyond this business of alienable vs inalienable, you can see that the use of mo vs agam can mark a perceived closeness. For example, mo charaid implies a much closer friendship than an caraid agam. If in doubt, use the an X agam construction as it will seem less odd to the native ear, if used inappropriately, than an overuse of mo, do etc.

Thus I think if used carefully, depending on context, do pheataichean could work to mark much closer connection. But then, I am not a native and don’t have that much experience with living Gaelic, so I cannot be sure.


Thank you so much. I think the ball of fur plastered over my lap, which I am typing round, is indicating right now that he is "mo chat" as opposed to "an cat agam",

Earlier this evening I was marked wrong for "an caraid agam" on Duolingo, with "mo charaid" given as the right answer. However soon after that I was watching TV and heard the phrase "na chàirdean agam", which confused me. However the child on TV was referring to a loose group of friends in a club she was a member of, not close personal friendships.

If I get to the "mo charaid" question again, I'll try to remember to bring this up in the comments and maybe get further clarification.

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