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  5. "Tha mi a' seòladh."

"Tha mi a' seòladh."

Translation:I am sailing.

February 29, 2020



"Tha mi a' seòladh.............stormy waters, to be near you, to be free"


‘Tha mi a’ seòladh….uisge stoirmeil, airson a bhith faisg ort, a bhith saor…’

Or something like that…


Tapadh leat a Junkming1,.....I can sing this properly in the shower now. I wonder how many will be googling what it all means?


There definitely is a Gaelic version, but I cannot for love nor money remember who sang it/where I've heard it. I'm off to go trawling through my Spotify playlists...


Lol...... I knew this would set some fingers tapping the keyboard. Please share if you find it.


I am wondering how to access a list of words I have learned already so I can practice them?


If you go to the PC version of Duolingo, you will see the 4th tab from the left at the top of the screen that says "More". Hover over this and a drop-down menu appears; scroll down to "Words" and click. You will see all the words you have so far learned in the lessons you have covered. The Duolingo algorithm even tells you what words you need to practice more often.


Does it? I only get 'Events' and 'Dictionary' when I do the hovering.


Make sure you're on the "Learn" page first. 1st tab from the left if working from PC.


Excellent. Thank you. Pretty well hidden. Why on earth would the extra tabs depend on which tab you are currently on.

A very useful feature. Pleased to see all my Gaelic vocabulary is 'still strong'. Welsh not as good.


They do seem to have quite a lot of technical oversights, and no motivation to fix them, even the ones that people complain about every day on multiple languages.


'S e do bheatha, a Dhaibhidh. I don't know why, maybe it's a Duolingo technical oversight?

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