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"Hen Valyriā azantyssy Ghīskī Āeksia sēntis."

Translation:The knights from Valyria killed the Ghiscari Masters.

February 29, 2020



Could this mean "The knights killed the Ghiscari Masters because of Valyria"?


I don't think so. Valyria appears to be a standard Lunar noun; since this is the Valyrian language, we wouldn't expect any unusual declensions. So, Valyriā should be the locative case. Checking the wiki for the definition of hen we find

hen [hen]
prep.→loc. from, of; →dat. out of; because of, on account of, thanks to, on (in the sense of paid for by)

So, Hen Valyriā azantyssy should be "The knights from Valyria." To indicate "because of Valyria" would want the dative Valyriot.

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