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Latin tips?

Will the tips for the Latin course be available on the app? I can only access them via the website. Is there something wrong with my version of the app?

February 29, 2020



Mobile Tips are only available in a few languages, and Latin isn't one of them. Tips are written by Duo's staff and/or paid contractors. You can read more about Tips here.

Tips and Notes for are written by course contributors, who are unpaid volunteers. The T&N are what are available on the browser version of Duolingo for most (but not all) courses. There are even some courses that currently have both mobile Tips (located on mobile apps) and Tips & Notes (located on the web browser version) which have different content.


Can you read this version of the Tips and Notes from the app?


No, that's what's confusing me.


You would need to be browsing, not using the duolingo app. Sorry I mis-"spoke." l meant to say "from your phone" rather than ''from the app."


latin is still in the beta stage so don't expect too much while going through the course, you're gonna run into bugs here and there

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