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"I do not live in the suburbs of Beirut."

Translation:لا أَسْكُن في ضَواحي بَيْروت.

February 29, 2020



the sound is working. Click the speaker symbol here next to the sentence.


If there's a problem with the sound please report it instead of leaving these comments.


Why does this NOT mean "a suburb" instead of "the suburbs?"


For two reasons:

  1. It's plural. The singular would be ضاحِيَة, and
  2. the phrase is an iDaafa, so only the last term can be definite, and if it is, so is the phrase as a whole: ضَواحي مَدينَة = "suburbs of a city" but ضَواحي ٱلْمَدينَة = "the suburbs of the city". بَيروت is a proper name so it's definite by default, even though it doesn't have ال, meaning the suburbs are considered definite, too.


Sometimes I hear the word for suburbs as if it were spelled with an initial B and sometimes with M. Anyone else hear that?


I also hear "B"

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