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Caesar vs Kaiser

I just noticed that the latin word Caesar and German word Kaiser are pronounced the same (Latin c is always hard) which makes me wonder if the german word for "leader" or "King" was derived from the great roman emperor julius caesar

February 29, 2020



Caesar became the word for emperor (in Latin) because of Julius Caesar. Subsequently a derived form of this became the word for emperor in many languages, including German. Check wikipedia for other forms in other languages.


You are right. Kaiser in German is from Latin Caesar. One of the derived terms in modern languages best known to English speakers is Russian Царь (Czar or Tsar), which, as well as related words in other Slavic languages, also comes from the name Caesar, first used by the Bulgarians around 1000 A.D.


“Kaiser” is German for “Emperor”. The German word for “king” is “König”, which like its English equivalent comes from the proto-Germanic “kuningaz”, which apparently originally meant “Kin, or someone of the family”.

Also, Julius Caesar was never emperor. He made himself “Dictator for Life”, and then the senators murdered him because they thought he was going to revive the ancient, much reviled monarchy. Once the ensuing civil war eventually settled down, Julius’ great-nephew Augustus was on top and made himself Imperator (Emperor). This was a title that originally just meant “commander”, but it basically allowed him to be a king by another name. Because of Augustus, Caesar also transformed from a family name to a royal title.


why am i getting downvoted )=


Latin c is always hard

This is not necessarily a correct assumption. Yes, it is pronounced in a hard way in the Classical Pronunciation, as taught here on Duolingo.

However, in the Ecclesiastical Latin it is pronounced as t͡ʃ.


The only thing I remember from my very short Latin course in university: Latin C pronounced K in classical Latin, T in Bible and TS in "Kitchen Latin" of Russian doctors:) (Russian is my first language)


That is only true after i e ae.

And, when speaking about the German word Kaiser, the traditional German (and Czech and...) pronunciation for C in font of i a ae is the German Z [t͡s].

[ˈt͡seːzaʁ] is the German pronunciation of Caesar.


Czar is caesar also


Yes I think it is.

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