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"A bheil i ann an Sruighlea fhathast?"

Translation:Is she still in Stirling?

February 29, 2020



How might is be said differently to get the meaning, "Is she in Stirling yet?" Would it be Nach eil instead maybe to come across as "Isn't she in Stirling yet?"

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I came in to ask this too. When it was initially introduced, we were told fhathast was still OR yet, but the difference in use between them has yet to be adequately explained.


I asked this in a different thread about the same sentence and I'm not sure I really came away with a straight answer. Fhathast seems mostly to be used to describe a situation which pertains and which has not yet ended. But sometimes it seems to be used in the context of something that is expected to happen in the future but hasn't happened yet. It may be that the use of the negative would cover it.


The interesting thing is, about two screens later in the same lesson, I was asked to write the "yet" phrase in Gaelic and not as a question. I chose to put the "fhathast" before the city name just to see if that would work...it was accepted but showed an alternate answer that was as above. I suppose maybe both answers would have been accepted? Thanks for the response.


I answered 'Is she in Stirling yet?' and it was accepted

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