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  5. "The long years."

"The long years."

Translation:Na bliadhnaichean fada.

February 29, 2020



Fada rather than fhada because it's plural, even though it's feminine?


I'm confused.....the long year would be a' bhliadhna fada but the long years would be Na bliadhnaichean fada? Why would the first case be lenited and the second not? Is it because the first would have been am (shortened to a') and the month lenited because it is following an m? And the second because a lenition following a vowel doesn't follow the rules of vowel following a vowel?


Bliadhna is a feminine word, so the definite article in the singular is a' + lenition. The definite article in the plural is na + no lenition. So you get:

(A) year = bliadhna

The year = a' bhliadhna

Years = bliadhnaichean

The years = na bliadhnaichean


Can I check, then? Does na, the definite article for a plural, never lenite?

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