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  5. "Are you in Barra, Ewan?"

"Are you in Barra, Ewan?"

Translation:A bheil thu ann am Barraigh, Eòghainn?

February 29, 2020



In this sentence you have to use the vocative form (with the added i), as you are addressing ewan directly.


Why is it "ann am" instead of "ann an"


Two spelling options came up: Eòghainn and Eòghann... Tapping 'Ewan' gives both spellings as options, but in this sentence apparently 'Eòghann' is incorrect. Just wondering why!


Probably Duolingo not being able to distinguish between the grammar cases.

Eòghann is the spelling when talking about someone called Euan, Eòghainn is the spelling when talking to someone called Euan (vocative case). Normally there is also an a and a h added to the beginning of the word (for example, a Sheumais), but as Eòghann begins with a vowel it doesn't get that.

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