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"This is just brilliant. Well done, friends."

Translation:Tha seo dìreach sgoinneil. Sin sibh fhèin, a chàirdean.

February 29, 2020



From what I understand, when you are defining something, it's seo, so seo cù means this is a dog. When you are describing something, it's tha seo, so tha seo uaine means this is green.

So the rule would be, I think, seo + noun but tha seo + adjective.


I'm confused. Other times it's just "seo....." but this thim its "tha seo." What's the difference please? Thanks!


PLEASE can there be allowances for dyslexic spelling. I got it(interpretataion) right so many times in this round, but marked down because I cant see the spelling mistakes, my husband comes through and tells me the MINOR mistake, It will take me months longer to learn faultless spellings . It is so disheartening and each unit takes so long be cause i habituate mistakes

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