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  5. "Calum is making underpants."

"Calum is making underpants."

Translation:Tha Calum a' dèanamh drathais.

February 29, 2020



when I learnt Gaelic at uni 30 years ago, I can recall the teacher telling us how to remember the words for drathais and briogais. Drathais, he said, is like the old-fashioned English word for underpants: drawers. Briogais is like one of the Scots words for trousers: breeks.


Also briogais is like "britches".


Better than stealing...at least he's not like Iain.


I guess if you're stuck on North Rona and someone has stolen your underpants and your boat, You'd probably want to make some underwear first :)


I sense a deeper story here waiting to be told.


Perhaps to replace those that Mairi stole?


I'm not sure anyone needs to know how to say this in Gaelic. It's a bit like the old foreign language pharase book that tried to teach you things like "My postillion has been struck by lightening"


There are in fact dozens of patterns for them on ravelry.com.


Does anyone know how to enter grave accents on a standard laptop keyboard?


For these examples, there is a box underneath where you can select the character. The easiest way is to install language keyboards. I use the ASCII codes, so for example hold down the ALT key and type 0232. That gives you è.

Some more ideas here: https://gaelic.co/accented-letters/


Hi, thanks. For some reason I didn’t notice those characters. Those will suffice! Easier than using the character map.


You can also activate either an international or a scots gaelic keyboard. I did the latter. Tons of 'how-to's' on the web. Once set up, it's wicked simple to switch between the SG keyboard and US English (at least it is on win 10).

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