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[Features] To devs - App Suggestions/Additions

I love duolingo and would love for the android app (and ios app) to have similar functions as the web app.

Such as:

|Words Tab (with practice) (words you've learned)

|Practice page (strengthen skills)

|Write to friends (activity page)

|Explain button (pop up explanation) - http://imgur.com/4Y31Cz7.png

|Conjugate button (pop up list) - http://imgur.com/wIGRb85.png

|Gender of words - http://imgur.com/0UtbNSx.png

Opinions? Other suggestions?

July 12, 2014



Duolingo is working on that (especially adding more items for the Lingot Store) so it might come soon. Don't worry.

A few other suggestions:

  • Immersion (separate app? Or in the same app?)
  • Sentence discussion (for iOS, so others can discuss sentences and find grammar explanations instead of having to search the Internet for that)

(On some profiles, they have a strengthen weakest words button but it doesn't seem to be functioning properly)


I would love to see Duolingo on the Windows 8 phone. Even more than that, I would really love to be able to turn off auto-correction. Even in the short time (2 weeks) I've had my Duolingo account I've lost count of exercises I have to repeat because words I type get changed to something else (like Duolingo gets changed to Domingo). I have to back up and retype the word up to 3 times before Duolingo (here we go again) believes I meant what I typed. This makes an exercise painfully slow to complete.

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