I am a little Lost. What does Beta mean above a language?

March 1, 2020


It just means that the number of user-reported translation errors has not yet been reduced to acceptable levels to leave beta. It's basically a disclaimer that the exercises might be a little rougher around the edges than they would be in a course that graduated from beta. Anyone can do a beta course.

Thank you! now I know. Still I like it.

Also, once a course leaves Beta the course designers can begin to officially design an update for the course. This usually includes new vocabulary and an improved layout. How long this takes, if it even happens, varies greatly from one course to the next.

Beta in Latin means a beetroot.

Nice! double learning!

basically thats its not the final version of the course and it's being worked on, so maybe you're bound to run into minor bugs, maybe low quality features and stuff like that, so yeah basically that its being worked on and is not the final, polished version. hope this answered your question

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