I am not sure who to ask, but will there ever be sanskrit in Duolingo?

March 1, 2020


My opinion is that it wouldn't be
prudent to rule it out entirely.

I would say, that it's probably been
submitted already. That said, as I
understand it, it's one of the world's
most difficult languages.

Although, the Finnish language is
also on the level of being one of the
most difficult, and it was just announced
as being in Duolingo's incubator.

In order to add Sanskrit, you must volunteer
as a contributor (you have to know the language).
Once there are enough contributors, the language
will go into development. These are all volunteers.

Here's the link to volunteer to develop a new course:

Your application should appear something like
the image below:

Good luck with it!!

Great topic!
Thanks for posting.
Keep up the good work.


Thanks for posting it.

well, I would totally contribute but I haven't mastered the language yet. The last thing I would want is to teach incorrectly. But I would definately learn and perfect the language. Maybe I will make it a goal to perfect it enough to be confident that I could instruct correctly to someone else.

I would love that. There are some Sanskrit decks on Tinycards. You could start with those.

Thank You! never heard of it, but will look up.

Well thank you. I think I am beyond the card decks I tried on tinycards. Having a sound file associate with word or phrases would be helpful. I thought a more structure format might speed learning, but most thing available are not in the duolingo form of learning. I like how it forces one to figure out a word, and has sound files, and doesn't seem to go into dry grammar and recitation of different forms of the word. Thats whats mostly available online for sanskrit as far as progressive structured lessons. Also many start from learning sanskrit from Hindi. Thank you for the support. I might have to be on my own, but i am just afraid of getting it wrong, or not progressing very fast.

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