"It has taken nearly a week."

Translation:Ci è voluta quasi una settimana.

May 1, 2013

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Ci è voluto quasi una settimana is flagged as wrong. Is it?

EDIT. One native speaker says it's Ok. Another that it's grammatically correct "but sounds odd"


Well, when conjugating the passato prossimo with a personal pronoun the past participle should take the gender and number of the object, although it isn't a strict rule; this case is different as "volerci" doesn't include a personal pronoun, "ci" here is more of a (generic) place adverb. I think the participle takes the gender of the object more as similitude with the pronoun case that for any rule; just like in that case, "c'è voluta una settimana" sounds much more natural than "c'è voluto una settimana", but the latter is grammatically fine.

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