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  5. "My cat is on the chair."

"My cat is on the chair."

Translation:قِطَّتي عَلى ٱلْكُرْسي.

March 1, 2020



The audio works. Sometimes the audios on Duolingo don't work and glitches. It is occurring in different language courses.


this is exactly what I keyed in, yet duolingo says "another correct solution" and gives me exactly the same as what i typed, accents and all. Sometimes duolingo says i have a typo and the same thing is occurring. What am i doing wrong?


as long as it is accepted when it's correct, I find no reason for being mad. There are many reasons for typos that are hard to notice.


Wouldn't this be better translated with /takun/ (is situated) rather than a verbless sentence? That option was missing from the word bank.


Would this be correct as well?: عَلى ٱلْكُرْسي قِطَّتي (I wrote it and got it marked as wrong, so I guess the answer is no.)

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