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  5. "She is as fit as a deer."

"She is as fit as a deer."

Translation:Tha i cho fallain ri fiadh.

March 1, 2020



I think I heard something relating to this while watching children's TV last night. It was "The BFG" dubbed into Gaelic. At one point I swear I heard the BFG say to Sophie "Tha mi cho fallain ri fidheall." Then Sophie laughed and corrected him and said the proper phrase was "Tha mi cho fallain ri fiadh."

Please don't tell me I was wrong about this, because I'm tickled pink about it.

It also got me wondering whether the English saying "I am as fit as a fiddle" may have arisen from a mis-hearing of fiadh as fidheall in the Gaelic saying. And then about what sort of mishearing might explain "cho sona ri brĂ²g" ....


Does fallain only mean healthy, or is it used colloquially, as in UK English to mean beautiful, sexually attractive?


Just healthy

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