"I work in a hospital."

Translation:Lavoro in un ospedale.

May 1, 2013

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Why would you not just the contraction of un'ospedale since hospital begins with a vowel?


Un' is the contraction of una before vowels; but ospedale is masculine, so its article is un (truncation of uno), not una.


This is my main gripe with DL (which I should stress is, on net, fantastic): we don't always learn the gender of a word the first time we see it. This is quite a big problem, because we end up making guesses about the gender, and can later forget whether our belief about the gender of a word is based on a guess or actual knowledge. That leads to far more confusion about gender than is necessary.


I just learned "nell'ospedale" and now it's suddenly wrong? Reported


"Nell'ospedale" is "in THE hospital". "In un ospedale" is "in A hospital"

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