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  5. "Give me your hand, love."

"Give me your hand, love."

Translation:Thoir dhomh do làmh a ghràidh.

March 1, 2020



Why isn't "m' eudail" accepted instead of "a ghràidh"?


why isn't lamh lenited?


It is. But the sound change is so subtle with l n r that no one had ever written it down. When these letters are slender you can just about tell the difference. When broad, as here, it almost impossible to detect any difference at all.

So basically, it is lenited, but it makes no difference to either the spelling or the pronunciation.

To prove there is a difference, look at the Welsh:

  • dy law = do làmh (lenited).
  • ei law = a làmh 'his hand' (lenited).
  • ei llaw = a làmh 'her hand' (not lenited)

(That wasn't actually meant to be helpful, that last bit, but it is true!)


Ok, thank you for your help here :) And thank you for the Welsh comparison! I didn't expect to learn something about Welsh on this course :D thumbs up

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