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  5. "Tha mi ag iarraidh dà not."

"Tha mi ag iarraidh not."

Translation:I want two pounds.

March 1, 2020



Two pounds as in weight (two pounds of potatoes, for instance) or as in UK money, or possibly both?


All of these say "i am wanting". Is "i want" also correct, or is there another way to say that?


Why is there no lenition in the word "not"? It follows the word for two, so shouldn't it have the extra "h"?


Words beginning with n, l and r usually don't lenite.


Lenition of N, L, and R is never marked in writing (you don’t see any lh, rh, nh).

But nevertheless they might be lenited in speech, see the Leniting l sounds, Leniting n sounds and Leniting r sounds on Akerbeltz wiki. :)

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