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  5. "Good morning, I am Colin."

"Good morning, I am Colin."

Translation:Madainn mhath, is mise Cailean.

March 1, 2020



sometimes at this level, I would like to repeat lessons again. Is this possible please


If you realise you want to repeat it before you have clicked on "continue" after the last answer, you can crash out by clicking on the wee X in the top left-hand part of the screen and it will abort the lesson (without XP) and you can do it (or more probably a similar one) again.


If "is mise Cailean is the only answer then why does it have Tha mi Cailean as one of the hints?


Not all the hints are relevant to each individual sentence. So you can translate "I am" as Tha mi sometimes, but not in this instance :)

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