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Food 3 in Gaelic

I feel like the order is mixed up in this lesson? I just started it, finished first level and I need to know the words before they are taught in the lesson... That's strange, aye? Also I didn't have any audio???

March 1, 2020



Are you checking the notes for the lessons? Here is a link for all of them in one place:



I look at the notes before any lesson and write them down. That's not the issue. ever other lesson, when starting a new level, first lessons you get the new words in orange I believe, clickable for translation. Or with pictures, explaining them. Here I didn't. Just un-known words and I had to guess the meaning....


Can you tell me what any of the unknown words were? I'll have a wee look to see where they are.


Must be the first few words I wrote down for that lesson; searbh,milis, bradan ..?

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