"Essa regra é básica e fundamental."

Translation:That rule is basic and fundamental.

May 1, 2013

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This sentence is redundant.


Well, it certainly contains a redundancy!


It's redundant and pleonastic


A redundant tautology iterated more than once, unnecessarily.


I assume you think this because it has the terms basic and fundamental. Well, there are not necessarily synonymous. In fact, they can even be diverse. Take the concept of the fundamental theorem of calculus which states that all functions should be differentiable and integral. It's fundamental for sure, but it's not basic and that's even surer! try proving it and you'll see. Thus, the sentence is not redundant.


I agree that it could be redundant, but Robleh is also correct to point out that, in English (and probably in Portuguese), something can be basic but not fundamental, and vice versa.


Basic and fundamental don't mean the same thing!


"basic" (adj.) derives from "basis" (noun, lat.) meaning among other things "fundament". Both are synonyms.


So literally it's the same thing, possibly people drove the meanings apart. Although it makes me hurt a bit.

Aside, has anyone tried "That rule is basic and basic" as suggested by the tool tips? :-)


That is a basic and fundamental rule should also be accepted


"That rule is basic and fundamental" should be accepted as correct. In American English we would not use the word "norm".


Is the pronounciation of regra correct?


Yeah, sure, but of course there are regional differences, blah blah blah. :p

I believe it was Stephen Colbert who called Portuguese "speech-impediment Spanish," which was, frankly, kind of mean, and yet, I can't really say that it was, um, NOT funny. :/


The answer is wrong as it adopts português structure rather than English structure. It should be "that is a basic and fundamental rule."


so i change the order of basic and fundamental ..... nit picking by DUO...plus built in redundancy

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I thought I heard "Essa regra básica é fundamental." at fast speed and did not listen to the slow speed. Well, live and learn.


This is in part b/c a machine algorithm generates these audios and sometimes the enunciation is indistinct to eng speakers. BTW, you can test this if you have MS Word, the latest version. Turn on Read Aloud and the language to ptg and you will hear a voice (maybe female) much like the ones you hear in this app.

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