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Leasanan sgoinneil!

Tapadh leat, Duolingo! I absolutely loved this course. It's a real shame there aren't more Gaelic lessons. My family is Scottish, but I live in Texas and will likely never have any authentic opportunities to use Gaelic here. That said, I have no idea if there are other Gaelic speakers in the DFW area who would be willing to meet and speak.

If anyone knows anything that might be helpful, please let me know!


March 2, 2020



Feasgar math, a charaid! Ceud mìle taing! We are plugging away at new content so keep an eye out! :)


And thank you for such an enjoyable, rigorous, and satisfying curriculum. Can’t wait for new content.

[deactivated user]

    Halò Jon, You could try setting up a meet-up through Duolingo. It's a very simple process and they send invitations directly to anyone in your area who's completing Duolingo lessons. 188 invitations for me in Montreal, Canada. I've had two really successful meetings so far. Tha mi glè thoilichte. If you're interested go to "More" then scroll to the bottom of the page. Good luck, tìoraidh!


    You do know there are more lessons in preparation? See here. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36695026 So stick around.

    I realise this doesn't address your question about meeting actual speakers, which Stella has provided a good answer for, but I made a post in a different thread about other things to do while we wait for the new stuff and you might find some of it helpful. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36808883

    You won't be able to get BBC Alba in Texas unless you can somehow fool the BBC into thinking you're located somewhere in Britain, but the rest of the stuff is accessible. Also, while I said that Speaking Our Language wasn't available on YouTube, I discovered last night that at least some of it is there. The first episode is here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UeYlpmewx8

    Those of my own family who emigrated to America went to Texas - apparently there was quite a community of Scots in Houston in the late 19th century. Maybe we're related!


    Thanks for sharing this information! I’ll check all of these things out and wait with bated breath for more lessons.

    We could be related... possibly. My surname is Glenn, and my Glenn ancestors all came from Ayrshire. Barr Castle in Renfrewshire was the home of my Glenn line. I’m no certain there are too many Glenns left in Alba. Most seem to have left for the Americas or Australia.


    My maternal grandmother's family was from Ayrshire, although the surnames involved were Lyon, Carson and Logan. There are some Glenns left! A cousin of mine married a Glenn girl, and they had the wedding on Arran. The tables at the reception were labelled Sannox, Rosa, Iorsa etc - the Glens of Arran!


    That's marvelous! Among Glenns/Glens/Glynns there is a stark division among the different spellings. The 'Glen' line seems to have survived in tact in Britain, the 'Glenn' spelling to a lesser degree, and folk knowledge has it that 'Glynn' is Irish. I'm open to any and all interpretations!

    My Glenn line goes straight back along paternal lines to the 12th century. Lots of musicians in the past two-hundred years.


    How amazing to know your family line so far back!

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