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  5. "कितने अंडे?"

"कितने अंडे?"

Translation:How many eggs?

March 2, 2020



Is there a reason why "how many eggs are there" is wrong? The answer of "how many eggs" is a sentence fragment.


So is 'कितने अंडे?" It is not a complete sentence (no verb). Just a fragment that you might use in colloquial speech.

How many eggs are there? would be 'कितने अंडे हैं?"


Many to adhike Ke liye lagatha h to fir


That is not a sentence in English, it is, as MamaLloyd notes, a fragment. This program needs to review its English translations and also what options it accepts/rejects. Sometimes it seems to be trying to translate the Hindi too literally and rejects correct English translations or even dictates incorrect English grammar, as here. Another case was where the only English translation accepted was 'the salad has carrot' while 'the salad has carrots' and 'there are carrots in the salad', both of which are preferable in standard English, were rejected.


It could be an answer to a question. "You need a cup of milk, 3 eggs, 2 tablespoons of butter and a pinnch of cinnamon" "Milk, Butter, Cinnamon - and, how many eggs?" "Three." "Ah, that's right, 3 eggs."

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