Scottish Gaelic

My Duolingo Scottish Gaelic seems to stop in the middle of Level 3. Why? What is the point of upgrading if it is going to stop?

March 2, 2020


Can you describe in more detail the point at which it "stops"? What is the name of the last skill you did?

The course at present has 34 skills organised into four levels. Level three is long, level four is only four skills and the last one is "Sayings". If you haven't got that far you have not accessed all the material.

The course at present is not a complete Gaelic course, it's "under construction". More skills are under preparation by the talented and dedicated team of volunteers and there is an announcement in this thread about it.

Unfortunately it seems that the next installment can't go live until Duolingo has succeeded in fixing a problem with audio file upload which has been going on for a month or two. Hopefully that will be sorted in the near future, hopefully by the time the material is ready to upload.

I too was surprised when the course stopped at Level 3. this is only a very basic introduction to Scottish Gaelic. Are there plans to add more to the course? Will I just have to keep on practising these skills over and over ( which might be a good thing!) until such time as more appears, in order to keep up my streak?

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