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arabic keyboard

i want to get arabic on my Pc but there are about sixteen different options ,from Egypt to Saudi Arabia Arabic and so on . As I am a true beginner I don't know if they are diferent ,Which one can I get ?

March 3, 2020



There ain't any different between them feel free to choice any one


thank you for the advice, great,have a good day


Yeah, there should be no difference. But with each of them there are two choices usually, 101 and 102.

A 101 keyboard has the letter "ذ" on the far upper left corner key above the Tab. While A 102 keyboard has this letter on the right below the Backspace key.


I don't think there are differences? Are there? I don't know, but in my laptop I use Saudi Arabia and in my phone I used Egypt.. and I'm writing with no problem..

If the place of the letter is a difference so yes there are. But not just in Arabic keyboard kind, but also in the device kind.. In IPad some places are different from PC, Laptop, Huawei, etc.

I'm Arabian by the way, if you had a question I would like to help:)


I don't think there are any differences, but if you want to choose try Saudi Arabian Arabic

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