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  5. "I like haggis and pepper."

"I like haggis and pepper."

Translation:Is toil leam taigeis agus piobar.

March 3, 2020



why are both piobar and piobair acceptable for pepper, please?


I was told I had a typo when I typed piobair and that it should be piobar. Yet the translation at the top of this discussion uses piobair. Which is correct, or can either be used? If the latter, then answers using piobair should be accepted without the typo message. I have reported this as "Something else went wrong*, as there did not appear to be a more suitable option.


2020-04-12 I typed piobair and and got marked correct with an optional spelling of piobar. I put in my notes that both are correct.


From another discussion, I learnt that the correct spelling is piobar, but that the incorrect spelling with an extra i has accidentally been used in some questions. I believe that this is to be corrected when the Gaelic course is next updated.


Apparently today ;-) I used piobair, and got gently corrected to piobar, so that is what it is from now on.


Piobar is the singular form whereas piobair is plural (or genitive singular).


Yep, there's a mistake in the course, but we can't fix it for the time being :(


So the suggested translation at the top of this discussion, "Is toil leam taigeis agus piobair", has still not been corrected. Neither plural nor genitive singular is appropriate in this sentence.


It hasn't been corrected because we can't fix it until the new tree is released. I know it's frustrating but it's out of our hands for the time being.

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