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"The airplanes were not in Uist."

Translation:Cha robh na plèanaichean ann an Uibhist.

March 3, 2020



When do you use am vs na?


Am is singular, before words beginning with B, F, M and P (simplifying). Na is plural.

At least that's how it is as far as we've learned. I have a crawling suspicion there are more wrinkles to come on that lot.


na is also the genitive singular form for feminine nouns, eg. na Gàidhlig of the Scottish Gaelic language, na pàirce of the park, na h-Èireann of Ireland, na h-Alba of Scotland (since Ireland and Scotland have the article in genitive).

But besides that you are right, an, am, a’ is used in all other cases in singular, na in plural. :)


I thought I had encountered na with singular nouns! Thank you again.


The genitive is a beastie all of its own and I believe is the main reason that a lot of people give up on Teach Yourself Gaelic (the more modern one) at chapter nine. The main thing to remember is not to panic. Na dragh oirbh.

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