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  5. "Are you a shop worker? Yes."

"Are you a shop worker? Yes."

Translation:An e neach-bùtha a th' annad? 'S e.

March 3, 2020



I am told I have a typo when I click on the "th" button. Why doe the button not have the apostrophe?


Same thing happened to me on this and another similar question.


does 'neach' mean 'person' in a general sense, or particularly 'labourer/worker/officer'? Does it designate that you do this for a living?


There's no option for an apostrophe after "th" in this as it isn't a typed answer! How can it be a typo???


Also flags neach-bùtha as a typo, says the correct spelling doesnt have a hyphen.


I see that the "th" button not having an apostrophe still is not fixed..


I am really getting fed up with this lack of apostrophe business. For a while, it seemed that someone had been listening and had put it right. Then back it comes.


Some of the correct responses are marked wrong in this exercise. I can't finish.


Yes, it's because of the missing apostrophe in "th" for th' annad. So far the only way to finish the exercise seems to be using the keyboard for writing down the translation.


Apostrophes. Why haven't they sorted it in 7 months?


DL have always had a problem with apostrophes. You'll find people talking about them being problematic six and seven years ago (and maybe further back).

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