"Òrd uaine."

Translation:A green hammer.

March 3, 2020



I typed "Bòrd uaine" and was marked correct without even a note about a typo.


I'd flag it as a technical bug, it should have at least said it was a typo.


It was more of a mis-hearing than a typo, but mainly my brain found the idea of a green table easier to process than a green hammer. I did report it this time.

I'm getting a surprising number of clear errors marked right without a typo (or a "don't forget the accents") comment, which is disconcerting. Sometimes I type what I think is right, and I'm trusting to the software to flag up if what is in my memory isn't correct. If I can't trust it to do that, at least with a typo or accent comment, then it's a worry.


If that's the case, then I'd recommend taking a screenshot and submitting a bug report to Duolingo with as much info as you can. That's definitely something that shouldn't be happening.


I hadn't thought about screenshots. Yes, I can do that. I'm just going over the gold tree about once every two or three days at the moment, and this error has happened quite a few times recently. I'll start screenshotting it when it happens, and try to find out how to submit these.

I know you can't do anything about the horrible mistakes I make that are forgiven as typos (I'm not making so many of these now though), but at least a typo note is some help.

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