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Could we do away with the repeated use of Sandwiches?

The same nouns are showing up in the lessons over and over and over....

Is it possible to change this? I'm trying to integrate whatever vocabulary Duolingo is teaching me. Not possible if the nouns in every lesson are limited to Sandwiches and Apples while the verbs are all Eat or Drink.

August 4, 2012



Thanks! We're working on improving this.


Honestly though, I've been doing Spanish for a while now, and I still don't think I learned how to say "My name is x" and other very basic, essential phrases.


And ducks. Many, many ducks


The animals of peculiar colours bother me. Black elephants? Blue ducks? <mind reels> Oh, and the black food, too, like those black apples. Yikes.


I also have the same problem. Another annoying thing is that sometimes there is a sentence repeated several time during one lesson, as follows: - translate the sentence (e.g. German to English), - than do a quiz with the same sentence, - listen to the sentence and than write this in German. So, during one lesson you probably get a 3 sentences 3 times plus some random words. I would like to see more variety of sentences.


LOL I think the repetition is good. For me it was the soldiers walk with the students. I KNOW THE SOLDIERS WALK WITH THE STUDENTS ALREADY. It means that by the time you make it through that lesson, you remember. And you can add to your vocabulary by doing translations. If you stick to the same categories of translations, you'll probably find the same words recurring. (THANKS, Duolingo for that translation section.)


Absolutely. There are some grammar lessons (nominative, accusative, and dative pronouns, for example) where I get the same vocab nouns over and over and over again. I've got at least forty nouns in me vocab, but I only ever get to practice three.

If the lesson that you need to repeat is the word "my" or "your", does the noun attached to it always need to be "Tisch" or "Tasse"?

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