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homework on the app

Hi !

My students can't see their homework on the app. How can they see it ? Is it only on the web version ?

Thanks ! Coralie

March 4, 2020



Thanks ! they don't get any information about their homework on the app. They just showed me. Most of them don't have a computer or access to any. But most parents or even they have smartphones.


I think this may be the case. Just keep reminding them in class that they have homework. But they should still be getting the notifications.

Is there a reason your students like the app better than a regular computer?


most of my students don't have computers as they are from countries where this is not a priority. Many of them do not have wifi and just use data from their phones. For this reason a mobile school app would be extremely useful.


Students can see their assignments on the right hand side of their screen in the desktop/laptop version of the interface. Also, they should be receiving an email notifying them of upcoming assignments. This year I began making a list of all homework for the entire marking period. This way kids can move ahead and do the homework early.

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