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Is there any detailed Scottish Gaelic grammar site or PDF?

I’m trying to find something that explains all the declensions and conjugations (of verbs, nouns, etc.). Something that explains Gaelic grammar in depth. Something like Nualeargais but for Scottish Gaelic.

March 4, 2020



I’d start with LearnGaelic.scot. If you have already seen that, here are a few more:

About 60 lessons that teach Gaelic using lessons on grammar. New words and sentence structures added with each lesson.


Grammar guidance doc from the Digital Archive of Scottish Gaelic (DASG).


Akerbeltz has a Beagan Gràmair online. Table of Contents page here:


Gràmar na Gaidhlig (book) by Michel Byrne and available at The Gaelic Books Council (gaelicbooks.org).

Edit: Here are a couple of digitized copies of older books. Spelling is different now (see the Gaelic Orthographic Conventions) but basic grammar structures are covered.

Elementary Course of Gaelic by Duncan Reid - on Sabhal Mòr Ostaig website (1913).


Elements of Gaelic Grammar by Alexander Stewart - Project Gutenberg ebook (1892).


BTW I just took a look at the Irish site you mentioned. Wow! -What a great site! I don't know of one similar to that for Scottish Gaelic - but would like to find it. :)


I think taic used to be the closest to what the OP asks for, unfortunately it became password protected (paid-for, I believe?) some time ago (last year?). This definitely was (and probably still is, though I didn’t use it since the change) the most comprehensive and very accessible Scottish Gaelic grammar on the web I’ve seen.

As for cost-free modern grammars available on the web, the most comprehensive at the moment, I think, is Scottish Gaelic, 2nd Edition, 2002, by William Lamb – that’s an academic linguistic book, so beware, it is absolutely not accessible to a lay person, but it seems to be a solid grammar.

The PDF linked has broken typography of International Phonetic Alphabet, so if you need phonetic transcription, you might want to download Scottish Gaelic Speech and Writing, 2008 by the same author, also available for free. It has the whole 3rd edition of the grammar as its appendix, but it is a PDF made of scanned files, so this one is not searchable.


Re Taic: I heard that the taic site had problems with hackers which is why it is now password protected. You can see the first 10 lessons without requesting a password, along with the complete table of contents. It is easy to get a username and password - the site owner responds quickly. The UN/PW (for full site access) remain active for 2 months after which a £5 donation (via paypal) is requested. I've found the site quite useful and have paid for a couple of years now. EDIT - that's £5 per year - which I think is amazingly reasonable.


Thanks for the info, it doesn’t sound that bad. Certainly worth it if someone wants a good Gaelic resource.

Will consider requesting a password myself then. :)


I can also recommend TAIC. It's my go-to resource

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