"feannag bheag"

Translation:a small crow

March 4, 2020



This sounds like "kennack" I really, really struggle with this speaker. I know it's right to have a variety of speakers and I am grateful to everyone who has submitted files for the course, because without them, we wouldn't have a course, but I genuinely find this speaker so difficult.

[deactivated user]

    This person is very difficult to understand


    I would never have got this listening. This time he's gone for a crow he is so difficult to comprehend


    First consonant is a 't' sound? How do you get that from 'feannag'?


    I have noticed that the double n often pronounces similar to the Spanish "ñ", but this speaker does not say it like that; is that a regional thing, or does feannag always get pronounced with a straight hard 'n' ? (Crows are one of my favourite things, so i want to be certain


    Has to do with whether it's next to a broad vowel or slender.


    Yes definitely a t sound


    I heard "feannag" beginning with a T this time. I find this speaker consistently inconsistent!


    Couldn't hear the lenition in bheag

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