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Have those fine hard-working trumpeters self-isolated?

The trumpeters have disappeared! When I get to the end of a lesson or practice the screen freezes. No trumpets! No fanfares! No cheering crowds! Nothing! Nix! Rien! Chan eil càil!

This is having a serious effect on my self-esteem. Those daily fanfares gave me a sense of worth, a sense of purpose, they were what got me out of my bed of a morning to face this cruel world.

Now my extraordinary daily achievements are met with silence, indifference, a great empty void. I can only continue by refreshing the screen. Sometimes my lesson shows up as having been completed; sometimes it doesn't. My life is in tatters.

I can only imagine that the band has self-isolated. Nothing is worse than a trumpet for blowing spit all over the show. So thank you, lads, for your fine past service, and your great sense of civic duty. I hope you come through, and live to blow another day.

In the meantime I shall try to sustain myself on the dim memory of your Gflat der-der-dah!!! It will be hard. Bidh e doirbh.

March 5, 2020



This is not happening to me. I got all the usual brass section flourishes this morning.


In Irish, “trumpadóir” means “trumpeter” but it also means “blowhard” or “braggart”. You should count your blessings ;)


All bells and whistles for me, might even have noticed a string section. When they say it's not you, it's you!


You might want to check your profile settings - the first thing I customised was to turn off all the chirrups...

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