"Mi ha chiesto."

Translation:He asked me.

May 1, 2013

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I'm quite sure it could be "she asked me" as well, but can someone confirm, please? (as well as "HE asked me")


Both are right.


What about "He/she asked FOR me"?


I chose "she asked me" but is "she begged me" accepted as well? The hint for chiesto is asked and begged.


Questo non eh corretto. I think "pregare" (to pray) is "to beg/beseech" ti prego = I beg you, or, literally, I pray you (which is proper English) So perhaps "she begged me to not do it" = Lei mi ha pregato di non farlo .. I think duo is wrong here, too. She asked me = Lei mi ha domandato (a question implied) Lei mi ha chiesto = she asked me (to) sembra che la frase non eh gia finita o qualche cosa


I got it right, but is it because "Mi ha chiestO" indicates a male, and "Mi ha chiestA" would indicate a female?


The gender and plurality of the participle after the auxiliary verb "avere" only change when there is a direct object pronoun for that verb. In this case, the direct object pronoun is "mi," so you match the gender of the first person pronoun "mi." So yes, "Mi ha chiesto" would suggest "S/he asked me (a man)" and "Mi ha chiesta" would suggest "S/he asked me (a woman)." Sorry for the long explanation, I just didn't want to give a simple yes or no because I wasn't sure if you were asking if the O or A related to the gender of the "mi" or subject of "ha" in this sentence.

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Thanks for that.

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