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Scottish gaelic from English though I'm Scottish and living in Geneva also speak French

How can one understand certain words and phrases that have been never in the lessons? Guess, as I do, imagine, but unfortunately my imagination has limits! Not to worry, in a way I still learn new vocabulary and I'm so enjoying the lessons anyhow!

March 5, 2020



A couple of people said something like this at the first meeting of our Gaelic class last night, and I didn't understand what they meant. I went right through the tree never feeling I was guessing blind. There were always hints and concepts were introduced in different ways so you "get" it gradually. Have you read the "hints and tips" for each skill?


Hover over the words you don't know (or click on them if you're using the app) and it'll show you the hint :)


Many thanks to you both. Hadn't realised I could do this on the quiz! I had already done this on the lessons. Moran taing, Morag agus joannejoanne

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