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  5. "A bheil mathain ann an Alba?"

"A bheil mathain ann an Alba?"

Translation:Are there bears in Scotland?

March 5, 2020



Why is the singular “mathan” not accepted?


That would be is there a bear in Scotland.


Which would be a legitimate question. I chose 'bear' singular too.


Well, are there? Of course, some of us want to know. "Bear necessities: 10 Scottish facts about bears" https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-24725156


From the article:

"Two years ago, a toy bear that repeats Gaelic words for colours, numbers and shapes was launched in an effort to help encourage greater use of the language.

It was developed by a Western Isles-based publisher with support from Gaelic organisation Bord na Gaidhlig."

Tha mi ag iarraidh am mathan sin.

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