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"Tha i ag iarraidh sgillinn."

Translation:She is wanting two pence.

March 5, 2020



just a comment, those of us from outside the UK would translate this "She is wanting as two pennies" two pence, or tuppence is very regional. I need to add here that I know your team is small and are all volunteers. You all do a great job.


Is sgillinn etymologically related to English shilling/ German Schilling? It sounds as if, but then an English shilling had twelve pence, so would have been a different and much more valuable coin


It is, as David notes on a related question, this is talking about Scots shillings, which due to what we now call "hyper-inflation" came to be worth about the same as a Sterling penny.


Why does sgillian not lenite here after dà?


Because sg is a letter combination that doesn't lenite. S will lenite on its own when it's followed by a vowel, but not when it's part of a letter combination and followed by a consonant.

This is explained in the notes to the "Phrases" still, the second one on the tree. This is what it says.

"Singular feminine nouns usually cause this lenition (in writing) in adjectives starting with the consonants: B, C, D, F, G, M, P, S, and T But not in those beginning with: L, N, R, SG, SM, SP, ST, and vowels."


Hadn't realized it was any s + consonant combo. That makes the list of exceptions much easier to remember. L N R, S+ any consonant; vowels.

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