"Eu sou uma tartaruga."

Translation:I am a turtle.

May 1, 2013



Sou uma tartaruga ninja! :)

August 11, 2013


Dear Mr leao.

You left your dinner in my house

Mrs tartaruga

May 1, 2013


Dear Mrs tartaruga.

Yes, I know that I left you at your house, but I'll be back

Mr leao

July 26, 2014


Dear Mr. Leao,

I am serious, your dinner is in my kitchen and has a strong smell. Please take it, my baby is crying because he cannot stand it. Also, do not make another joke like that; humans are very stupid and treat us like toys or food just because they think they are more rational. I hope you reconsider your attitude.

Do not get late, Ms. Hyena was extremely excited because of the smell and asked me to eat the food, so, as she is always lovely with me, i told her that if you don't come until 9 p.m., i was going to give it to her.

Ms. Tartaruga

May 13, 2016


I'm just waiting to be asked to translate "I am the walrus." ;)

October 18, 2014


Oh that will be the day....

March 1, 2015


coo coo ca choo

September 9, 2013
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